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MVP Cosmic Neutron Wave
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MVP Cosmic Neutron Wave

The Wave is a high speed driver that is versatile and can perform a number of stable-understable roles.

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Control, distance, and now stunning swirls, the MVP Cosmic Neutron Wave has it all. A workhorse driver for all player ranges, you can find an MVP Wave in almost every GYRO® fan’s bag. With easily controlled hyzerflips, long driving potential, and beautiful rollers, be sure to pick up a newly released Cosmic Neutron Wave.

The defining characteristic of the Wave is its balance of turn and fade. Its shallow turn is capable of extending lines while its fade is subtle but reliable enough to range and place shots. High powered throwers will see turn and hyzerflip tendencies from the Wave, while average power throwers may need a headwind assistance or anhyzer release to activate the turning capabilities of the Wave. Beginners will find a useable, yet quite overstable flight in the Wave, due to the high power requirements of wide-rimmed distance drivers. The Wave is versatile and can perform a number of stable-understable roles.

Neutron particles collide on MVP's newest premium plastic blend, Cosmic Neutron! Making its debut with Streamline Discs, Cosmic Neutron is a stunning blend of their most premium materials with eye-popping waves of color emitting from the disc's nucleus. Cosmic Neutron uses a new multi-color injection technology to create the widest spectrum of color options ever produced by Streamline along with the grip and durability fans love in the traditional Neutron blends. Cosmic Neutron has a kaleidoscopic array of multi-color combinations never before seen in disc golf with multiple distinct colors colliding and making each disc unique to the cosmos!

Flight Rating: 11/5/-2/2

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