About Sun King Discs

In the world of disc golf, Sun King Discs stands as a testament to one man's passion for the game. Michael Barnett, our founder, was first introduced to disc golf in 2000 while he was working at Sportsline Distributors in Buffalo Grove, IL. But it wasn't just an introduction to a new sport - it was the spark that ignited the journey of Sun King Discs.

Sun King Discs’ Pledge

As we journey into the future, our dedication to offering first-class products and unrivaled customer service remains unshakeable. We are driven by a singular goal – to advance the sport of disc golf. Our pledge extends beyond simply sustaining the warm and welcoming ambiance of our online and physical store. Rather, we actively strive to enrich this experience, nurturing a space where everyone feels at home. Everyone – from seasoned disc golf veterans to those picking up a disc for the first time – is heartily welcome to be part of this thrilling adventure.

The Journey from Inspiration to Realization

The inception of Sun King Discs can be traced back to one transformative day when a persistent customer, who owned a store near a local disc golf course, continually requested golf discs. This interaction not only sparked Michael's interest in the sport but also marked the beginning of Sun King Discs. 

Spotting a unique opportunity, he persuaded his employers to delve into the disc golf market. Despite the shortened summer season, the company managed to sell $60k worth of disc golf inventory to several businesses in the Chicagoland area, including well-known chains like White Hen Pantry, Mobil Oil, Walgreens, and Ace Hardware.

During this time, Michael found himself captivated by the sport, frequently participating in disc golf games at Willow Stream Park in Buffalo Grove. He shared his newfound passion with his colleagues, marking the beginning of a journey that would span over two decades and lead to the creation of Sun King Discs.

This image features Michael Barnett wearing a cap and sunglasses smiling for a photo, with the disc golf course called The Reef in the background.

Fast forward to February 2001, Michael moved to Florida, carrying with him the dream of establishing a Disc Golf retail company in the relatively untapped state. Now firmly anchored in Florida and working for a local Anheuser-Busch distributor, he couldn't shake off his desire to make a significant impact in the world of disc golf.

Sun King Discs Opens in Spring Hill, Florida

Inspired by the song "Sun King" by The Cult, and a particular admiration for the artwork on the record sleeve, Sun King Discs was established in Spring Hill, FL, in the early spring of 2001. Armed with a box of 50 Discraft discs from his former employer in Illinois, Michael launched the first dedicated Disc Golf store on eBay, initially operating out of his house's back room.

Sun King Discs quickly gained traction in 2001, expanding its product lines to include Discraft, InnovaMillennium, & Ching. Although the Sun King eBay store was a successful eCommerce platform in its early days, Michael yearned for a local community connection. His venture into NE Coachman Park in Clearwater, FL allowed him to interact with local players, enhancing his knowledge about the sport from both a retail and player perspective.

Sun King Discs First Milestone

Our first significant milestone arrived in early 2002 when Tim Willis from Sarasota Sky Pilots, one of Florida's largest disc golf clubs at the time, invited Michael to vend at the Springtime Open in Sarasota. This invitation sparked Michael's interest in engaging with clubs and tournaments.

Today, Sun King Discs is not just a successful retail venture but also an active participant and supporter of the disc golf community. We are proud to share our love for this sport with players all around the world, offering high-quality discs and accessories, all thanks to the vision and dedication of Michael Barnett.

We are incredibly grateful for every member of the Sun King Discs community – from our dedicated team members to our supportive customers. Each one of you has played a significant role in our journey and has contributed to the growth and success we've achieved over the years.