Lost & Found Discs

Sun King Discs hosts many tournaments every year and inevitably sometimes players will lose a disc or in the case of Throw Down the Mountain, players lose hundreds of discs.

We have put a lot of thought into the most effective way to reunite these lost (and now found) discs with their owners and the following protocol is what we have developed.

Before we get into the details and processing of the lost and found discs, it's important to note that we put an enormous effort into collecting, retaining, and organizing these discs in hopes of getting the discs back to our tournament players. It is not our intent to keep the discs that have been found, but at some point, we must move forward and purge these discs from our possession.

Where do you get the lost and found discs?

We acquire discs from a variety of sources, but mainly from tournaments, and our biggest annual event is Throw Down the Mountain. In addition, we receive discs from the neighbor at Sunset Ridge DGC in Hudson FL and of course, from our other tourneys we host throughout Florida. 

How do I get my disc(s) back?

Typically we will text you with a notification that you have one or more discs currently in our Lost & Found inventory. The text will outline your options and will include a link to this page that outlines our protocol along with additional details. We will hold on to your disc(s) for a minimum of (30) Days at which point the discs will be washed, weighed, and prepped to be sold in our "Previously Thrown" section of our store.

Options to pick up your disc:

- Pick up in person at our shop

Super simple; swing by our shop to grab your disc(s):

10730 US Highway 19
Unit 17
Port Richey FL 34668
- Have the disc(s) shipped to you seperately

Just want your disc(s) back? No problem, place a Return Order HERE.

1 Discs = $6.00
2 Discs = $8.00
3 Discs = $10.00
4 Discs = $12.00

Fee includes UPS/USPS Shipping w/Tracking, in a box.

- Have the disc(s) shipped to you included with a website order

This is the best shipping option! Place an order for an odd number of discs (3 minimum) and we can ship your disc for free* as part of your website order. Place a Return Order HERE.

*Discs returned from the neighbor at Sunset Ridge DGC in Hudson FL will have an additional $3 return fee, which is what we are charged by the neighbor.