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Discmania D-Line Glow Flex 2 FD (Moonscape)
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Discmania D-Line Glow Flex 2 FD (Moonscape)

Discmania’s first true fairway driver, the FD is also known as the Jackal. The FD is such a controllable low-speed driver, that once you learn its magic you’ll never leave it out of your bag.

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1 - 174g 10 $15.99 + -
2 - 174g 10 $15.99 + -
3 - 173g 1 $15.99 + -
4 - 173g 2 $15.99 + -

The FD was our first Fairway Driver and has always been a true best-seller in our lineup. It’s certainly one of the most iconic Discmania molds out there. If you’re looking to get your hands on your first Discmania disc, this is a great place to start. 

Famous for its extremely straight flight path combined with high glide and controllability, the FD has a place in everyone’s bag. New players will fall in love with the FD’s straight-to-stable flight path and dependability off the tee. For players with some experience, the FD offers point-and-shoot accuracy that connects you with your target at ease. 


Flight Rating: 7/6/-1/1

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    1 - 174g, 2 - 174g, 3 - 173g, 4 - 173g