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Westside VIP AIR Hatchet
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Westside VIP AIR Hatchet

The farthest flying disc in the line, the King is designed to allow the average player to experience a long distance flight.

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Westside Discs' newest fairway driver for 2014, the Hatchet fits any hand and is extremely user friendly. It holds the line you put it on and is very controllable. A must have for all players the Hatchet will allow you to throw frozen rope lines. For professional players it is a controllable fairway driver that glides and can be used for rollers. For lower arm speeds, the hatchet will glide and give you that anhyzer shot you have been missing.

VIP plastic is Westside's most durable plastic. It comes in both transparent and opaque appearances. It has a tacky grip and nice glossy finish. Designed with damage resistant polymers to withstand great force, still hold its shape and maintain original flight characteristics. 

The Air Technology allows Westside Discs to lower the weight on both the flight plate and the rim. In the rim, effort has been put into guiding the majority of Air towards the center. This is done to give better impact resistance to the edge and bottom of the rim. As always lighter weights means a little bit less stability in the wind so expect the Air models to behave accordingly.

Flight Numbers: 9/6/-2/2


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