Streamline Proton Drift
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Streamline Proton Drift

The Drift is a stable-understable fairway driver. The Drift is currently the only Streamline disc in the 17mm Fairway Driver class.

Disc/Hotstamp Colors Disc Weights Qty Price Buy
Bright Green/Green Foil 175g 2 $12.99 + -
Orange/Purple Foil 175g 1 $12.99 + -
Pink/Red to Orange Foil 175g 1 $12.99 + -
Orange/Blue Foil 168g 1 $12.99 + -
Purple/Blue to Purple Foil 168g 1 $12.99 + -
Bright Green/Red Foil 167g 1 $12.99 + -
Ice Blue/Green to Blue Foil 167g 0 $12.99 Out of stock
Ice Blue/Orange to Gold Foil 167g 0 $12.99 Out of stock
Pink/Green to Blue Foil 157g 0 $12.99 Out of stock
Purple/Pink to Red Foil 157g 0 $12.99 Out of stock
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Drift into controlled shots off the tee or from the fairways with the new solo-mold driver from Streamline, the Neutron Drift! This Speed 7 driver is the first fairway driver in the Streamline fleet and continues the trend of stunning triple-foil stock stamps. The Drift is designed for laser straight lines ending with a gentle fade and an exceptional amount of glide, providing easy distance with this highly versatile driver. The Drift has a modest rim size, a slightly domed profile, and an easily activated turn for hyzer-flips or big turnover shots.

The Proton Drift debuts an updated triple-foil stock stamp on Proton discs with a new layout and flight numbers. For a laser straight to turn over driver designed for players of all skill levels, the Proton Drift has arrived!

MVP's Proton material features high durability for a long consistent life designed to withstand the roughest conditions. Proton is available in a wide variety of transparent candy colors. 

Flight Numbers: 7/5/-2/1

  • Disc/Hotstamp Colors
    Bright Green/Green Foil, Bright Green/Red Foil, Ice Blue/Green Foil, Ice Blue/Green to Blue Foil, Ice Blue/Orange to Gold Foil, Orange/Blue Foil, Orange/Purple Foil, Pink/Green to Blue Foil, Pink/Red to Orange Foil, Purple/Blue to Purple Foil, Purple/Pink to Red Foil
  • Disc Weights
    175g, 168g, 167g, 157g