Streamline Neutron Pilot
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Streamline Neutron Pilot

The Pilot has a medium-depth grip, small-bead wing design, flat top, and a comfortable rounded nose. 

Disc/Hotstamp Colors Disc Weights Qty Price Buy
Gray Swirl/Red to Purple Foil 175g 0 $13.99 Out of stock
Light Bright Green/Sunset Foil 175g 0 $13.99 Out of stock
Skintone Swirl/Green to Gold Foil 174g 0 $13.99 Out of stock
Purple/Gold Foil 174g 1 $13.99 + -
Purple/Sunset Foil 173g 0 $13.99 Out of stock
Hot Pink/Blue to Blue Mint Foil 172g 0 $13.99 Out of stock

The Pilot has a medium-depth grip, small-bead wing design, flat top, and a comfortable rounded nose. The Pilot's feel in the hand with grippy Electron plastic will inspire confidence, while its dead straight flight takes you right to the pin. MVP throwers will find the Pilot's depth in between the Atom and Anode, and its flight most similar to a seasoned Anode.

Streamline’s premier putter is upgrading to two premium plastic blends, Neutron and Cosmic Neutron! The Pilot is known for being an all-around balanced putter for both putting and throwing. This run of premium Neutron Pilots is a slightly more stable variant to the Electron blends. With that added stability, the Neutron Pilot is ideal off the tee or on the approach. Streamline continues its tradition of triple-foil stock stamps with both the stock Neutron and Cosmic Neutron Pilots. The premium finish of Streamline Neutron provides a comfortable grip, and the durable Neutron and Cosmic Neutron plastic will be available in a wide spectrum of colors. For a low profile premium putter with straight to stable flights, the Neutron and Cosmic Neutron Pilots have landed!

The Neutron material is Streamline's flagship blend that offers a premium look and feel in a wide selection of bright opaque colors and shares the great durability characteristics of Proton plastic.

Flight Rating: 2/5/0/1

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      0.49 lbs
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  • Disc/Hotstamp Colors
    Gray Swirl/Red to Purple Foil, Hot Pink/Blue to Blue Mint Foil, Light Bright Green/Sunset Foil, Skintone Swirl/Green to Gold Foil, Purple/Gold Foil, Purple/Sunset Foil
  • Disc Weights
    175g, 174g, 173g, 172g