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MVP Neutron Soft Glitch (Lotus Zen)
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MVP Neutron Soft Glitch (Lotus Zen)

The Glitch the glide is enabled and the target is locked.

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3 - 150g 0 $24.99 Out of stock
4 - 150g 1 $24.99 + -

Glide is enabled and the target is locked. The simulation is still holding, let’s launch in t-minus 3, 2 … wait, Captain! These numbers are off the charts, this can’t be right, we’re reaching unheard of levels here. It has to be a Glitch! Presenting the Neutron Soft Glitch SE from Scott Oswalt! Taking some inspiration from old catch discs, but with a dash of modern touches and perhaps a glitch or two, the Glitch SE is truly eye-catching while in flight! The Glitch has the diameter of a putter and is PDGA approved too, making this hybrid catch disc ideal for a game of catch or as a glidey putt and approach disc.

The soft neutron plastic of the GolfDisco Exclusive "LOTUS ZEN" MVP Soft Neutron Glitch makes it much easier to adhere to treacherous paths and reach critical targets with precision. Make every shot count and leverage the superior stability that only this masterfully crafted disc can offer. Get the true samurai experience and gain an edge over the competition with the revolutionary "LOTUS ZEN" MVP Soft Neutron Glitch!


Flight Numbers: 1/7/0/0

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    1 - 150g, 2 - 150g, 3 - 150g, 4 - 150g
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