MVP Neutron Relay
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MVP Neutron Relay

The Relay is a stable to understale fairway driver with the narrowest possible rim before reaching midrange territory.

Disc Colors Disc Weights Qty Price Buy
Coral Pink 173g 1 $15.99 + -
Light Blue 172g 1 $15.99 + -
Orange 169g 1 $15.99 + -
Lime Green 168g 1 $15.99 + -
Purple 163g 1 $15.99 + -
Coral Pink 155g 1 $15.99 + -
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    0.5 lbs
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The Relay is MVP's first driver with a 16mm rim, which is traditionally the most narrow-rimmed class for a true driver wing profile, before getting into midrange territory. For this reason some throwers may think of the Relay as a long midrange or shorter distance driver. The narrow wing of the Relay makes it easy for newer players to get it up to speed. Advanced throwers can expect a straight-to-turning flight from the Relay if thrown flat, or a flip-up-to-flat line if thrown with hyzer. Beginner and average throwers can expect for more of their launch angle to hold throughout the flight with the Relay.     

The Neutron material is MVP/Axiom's flagship blend that offers a premium look and feel in a wide selection of bright opaque colors and shares the great durability characteristics of Proton plastic.

Flight Rating: 6/5/-2/1                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • Disc Colors
    Coral Pink, Light Blue, Lime Green, Mint Green, Orange, Purple
  • Disc Weights
    173g, 172g, 169g, 168g, 167g, 163g, 155g