MVP Neutron Entropy (Special Edition)
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MVP Neutron Entropy (Special Edition)

The Entropy is an overstable Putt and Approach disc designed for flights with reserved glide and a dependable finishing fade.

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Mint Green/Blue-Silver Foil 173g 1 $17.99 + -
White/Blue-Silver Foil 173g 1 $17.99 + -
White/Red-Purple Foil 173g 1 $17.99 + -
White/Silver-Mint Green Foil 173g 1 $17.99 + -
Light Blue/Silver Holo Foil 172g 1 $17.99 + -
White/Gold Holo Foil 172g 1 $17.99 + -
White/Red-Purple Foil 172g 1 $17.99 + -
Bright Green/Purple-Blue Foil 171g 1 $17.99 + -
Bright Orange/Blue Foil 171g 1 $17.99 + -
Bright Orange/Purple-Blue Foil 171g 1 $17.99 + -
Light Blue/Purple-Blue Foil 171g 1 $17.99 + -
Light Blue/Silver Holo Foil 171g 1 $17.99 + -
Mint Green/Sunset Foil 171g 1 $17.99 + -
White/Red-Purple Foil 171g 1 $17.99 + -
White/Silver-Mint Green Foil 171g 1 $17.99 + -
Light Blue/Gold Holo Foil 170g 1 $17.99 + -
Light Blue/Purple-Blue Foil 170g 1 $17.99 + -
Teal Green/Red-Purple Foil 170g 1 $17.99 + -
White/Blue-Silver Foil 170g 1 $17.99 + -
White/Purple-Blue Foil 170g 1 $17.99 + -
Yellow/Pink-Purple Foil 169g 1 $17.99 + -
Teal Blue/Gold Holo Foil 168g 1 $17.99 + -
Teal Blue/Blue-Silver Foil 167g 1 $17.99 + -
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Be prepared for the chaos found on the course with the new MVP Neutron Entropy. The Entropy is an overstable Putt and Approach disc designed for flights with reserved glide and a dependable finishing fade. Making its debut in Neutron Plastic in the new 12mm MVP Putter class, the Entropy has the premium grip and durability to become your go-to approach or high wind putter. After an extensive development process, the Entropy has arrived and is ready to be disc golf’s next premier overstable putter. 

Fade away in style with the new Neutron Entropy Special Edition featuring Rudolf Clausius. This return to MVP’s famed scientist theme honors The Father of Entropy with a surreal take on his own concept. Entropy represents disorder, randomness, the eventual end of all existence — a rather dark bit of thermodynamics from German scientist Rudolf Clausius (1822-1888). This triple foil stamp by MVP Art Director ZAM puts a steely-eyed Clausius in the midst of entropy as pieces of his portrait are torn toward the inevitable cloud of heat and chaos. Unlike entropy itself the Entropy putter is precise and predictable — fear not the breeze, an obstacle, or the tendency in a system toward maximum chaos — look disorder in the eye with our man Clausius and nail that overstable line.

The Neutron material is MVP's flagship blend that offers a premium look and feel in a wide selection of bright opaque colors and shares the great durability characteristics of Proton plastic.

Flight Numbers: 4/3/0/3

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    Bright Green/Purple-Blue Foil, Bright Orange/Blue Foil, Bright Orange/Purple-Blue Foil, Gray Swirl/Blue Foil, Gray Swirl/Gold Holo Foil, Lavender Swirl/Blue-Silver Foil, Light Blue/Gold Holo Foil, Light Blue/Purple-Blue Foil, Light Blue/Silver Holo Foil, Mint Green/Blue-Silver Foil, Mint Green/Sunset Foil, Purple/Gold Holo Foil, Teal Blue/Blue-Silver Foil, Teal Blue/Gold Holo Foil, Teal Green/Red-Purple Foil, White/Blue-Silver Foil, White/Gold Holo Foil, White/Purple-Blue Foil, White/Red-Purple Foil, White/Silver-Mint Green Foil, White w/Faint Blue Hue/Gold Holo Foil, Yellow/Pink-Purple Foil
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