MVP Eclipse Glow Proton Inertia (Blue Glow Proto - Gyropalooza 2021)
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MVP Eclipse Glow Proton Inertia (Blue Glow Proto - Gyropalooza 2021)

The Inertia is an understable distance driver. The Inertia's flight path is characterized by a responsive understable flight with reliable fade.

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Your eyes don’t deceive you, the Proto Eclipse Inertia is glowing blue! R&D has been hard at work testing the limits of Eclipse technology, and they think this is among the best color glow plastic on the market. While not quite up to the industry leading Eclipse 2.0 in terms of glow length, the Proto Eclipse Inertia’s mesmerizing blue glow is going to amaze gyronauts around the world. These Inertias feel amazing in the hand and fly as true as you’d expect. Don’t miss out on R&D’s newest creation — add some blue glow to your bag while you have the chance!

The Inertia's understable profile will allow high power throwers to achieve consistent hyzerflips that will carry far and accurately.  Its neutral flight for low power throwers will allow for reliably straight distance lines with accuracy.

MVP/Axiom's Proton material features high durability for a long consistent life designed to withstand the roughest conditions. Eclipse 2.0 features a glow core versus the original glow white rim.

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