Innova Star Roadrunner (Gregg Barsby - Signature Series)
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Innova Star Roadrunner (Gregg Barsby - Signature Series)

Less powerful throwers can use this disc for long, straight shots or low tunnel shots. One of the best distance drivers for turnover shots.

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Bright Yellow/Red Glitter Foil 175g 1 $15.99 + -
Pink Coral/Blue Shatter Foil 175g 3 $15.99 + -
Pink Coral/Green Shatter Foil 175g 2 $15.99 + -
Pink Coral/Silver Stars Foil 175g 6 $15.99 + -
Purple/Silver Holo Foil 175g 4 $15.99 + -
Purple Swirl/ Silver Glitter Foil 175g 4 $15.99 + -
Aqua Green/Silver Holo Foil 172g 1 $15.99 + -
Pink Coral/Silver Holo Foil 172g 3 $15.99 + -
Orange/Blue Shatter Foil 171g 1 $15.99 + -
Pink Coral/Silver Holo Foil 171g 1 $15.99 + -
Purple Swirl/ Silver Glitter Foil 170g 2 $15.99 + -
Aqua Green/Gold Shatter Foil 168g 2 $15.99 + -
Yellow Orange/Green Shatter Foil 168g 3 $15.99 + -
Orange/Green Shatter Foil 167g 4 $15.99 + -
Pink Coral/Silver Sparkle Foil 167g 6 $15.99 + -
Yellow/Silver Sparkle Foil 167g 5 $15.99 + -
Pale Blue/Rainbow Foil 162g 1 $15.99 + -
Purple/Gold Shatter Foil 162g 1 $15.99 + -
Purple/Green Shatter Foil 162g 1 $15.99 + -
Dark Blue/Gold Shatter Foil 161g 1 $15.99 + -
Purple/Gold Shatter Foil 161g 1 $15.99 + -
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As a distance driver, the Roadrunner is known for its superior glide, making it a great finesse driver. Experienced throwers rely on it for long turnover shots and rollers. The Star Roadrunner is the signature disc of 2018 PDGA World Champion, Gregg Barsby.

“I remember the first time I saw the Roadrunner in action…it was 2006, my friend Myles Harding threw a 700’ roller at the Vista del Camino course and just blew my mind. I had never seen a disc go that far at the time. From that moment on, I’ve always had respect for the disc and its capability. It’s great for new and experienced players; has a ton of glide, an easy-to-hold profile, and a relatively neutral flight pattern off the shelf. The star Roadrunner should be a comfortable fit for anyone’s bag!” says 2018 PDGA World Champion, Gregg Barsby.

Gregg adds, “It’s great for hyzer flip shots through the woods, that long glide at the end off the flight will hold a line, and for rollers there isn’t one disc I would recommend over the Roadrunner. It’s the best.” 

Innova's Star plastic is created with a special blend of grippy, resilient polymers. Star plastic offers similar durability of Champion plastic, plus improved grip like Pro plastic. High performance, longevity, and superior grip make Innova Star line discs the ideal choice for your game. 

Flight Rating: 9/5/-4/1

Note 1: This is the stock Star Roadrunner as of February 11, 2019.

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    Aqua Green/Gold Shatter Foil, Aqua Green/Silver Holo Foil, Bright Blue/Red Glitter Foil, Bright Yellow/Red Glitter Foil, Dark Blue/Gold Shatter Foil, Lime Green/Red Glitter Foil, Orange/Blue Shatter Foil, Orange/Green Shatter Foil, Pale Blue/Rainbow Foil, Pink Coral/Blue Shatter Foil, Pink Coral/Green Shatter Foil, Pink Coral/Silver Holo Foil, Pink Coral/Silver Sparkle Foil, Pink Coral/Silver Stars Foil, Purple/Gold Shatter Foil, Purple/Green Shatter Foil, Purple/Silver Holo Foil, Purple/Silver Glitter Foil, Purple Swirl/ Silver Glitter Foil, Yellow/Green Shatter Foil, Yellow/Silver Sparkle Foil, Yellow Orange/Green Shatter Foil
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