Innova Pro Glow Gator (Rumble in the Jungle #2)
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Innova Pro Glow Gator (Rumble in the Jungle #2)

A power control disc that delivers pin-point accuracy even in adverse wind conditions. High power throwers who need control need look no further.

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Off White/Black Matte 175g 2 $13.99 + -
Off White/Blue Foil 175g 1 $13.99 + -
Off White/Gold Foil 175g 0 $13.99 Out of stock
Off White/Gray Matte 175g 2 $13.99 + -
Off White/Orange Matte 175g 1 $13.99 + -
Off White/Black Matte 172g 1 $13.99 + -
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The Gator is a very reliable overstable mid-range disc with a predictable finish. The Gator delivers pin-point accuracy for shorter drives and approach shots, even in windy conditions. This is a great disc for mid-range shots especially for players who need to control their power and increase their accuracy. Made from the same stiff Pro blend that Innova uses for KC Pro Aviars and KC Pro Rocs!

Pro plastic is manufactured using a special blend of plastics designed to provide unique qualities for each model. These quality discs offer increased durability over the DX plastic and provide an enhanced grip when compared to the Champion plastic. Pro discs provide additional glide when compared to all other disc lines and are more affordable than Innova's premium Champion or Star Line discs.

Flight Rating: 5/2/0/3

  • Disc/Hotstamp Colors
    Off White/Black Matte, Off White/Blue Foil, Off White/Gold Foil, Off White/Gray Matte, Off White/Orange Matte
  • Disc Weights
    175g, 172g