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Divergent Discs StayPut Golem (Cool Cat)
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Divergent Discs StayPut Golem (Cool Cat)

The Alpas by Divergent Discs is a super soft silicone approach disc designed for players of all skill levels made in a flexible silicone rubber material that Divergent calls StayPut. It can be used as an understable approach disc to get through tight fairways without needing to throw hard, or it can be used as a putter for players who like a shallow rim and a flat disc profile.

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Like the Alpas, the Golem is made of a super soft Silicone that doesn’t bounce or skip. Where the disc lands, it will stay within a few feet.

Unlike the Alpas, the Golem is a very overstable approach disc. This means that the disc will be very consistent, will only travel in one direction, and will not go very far. If you are a right handed player and throw the Golem on a backhand throw it will finish to the left. Aim to the right of your target and enjoy the consistency.

Need the Golem to finish to the right? Throw it forehand and don’t worry about it gliding too far or turning left.

Flight Numbers: 4/2/0/3.5

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