Discraft Cryztal Z Tracker (3.5 - Sun King)
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Discraft Cryztal Z Tracker (3.5 - Sun King)

The Tracker™ is a Fairway Driver with pinpoint accuracy and superior performance. Great for extra distance with a slow fading finish.

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The Tracker 3.5 was an anomaly. Originally destined for the scrap heap, these discs came out super flat and are nothing like the original Tracker's easy to keep straight flight path. The Tracker 3.5 is slow, has virtually no glide and fades HARD. A great utility disc for short range super hyzers, heavy winds and low ceiling fades. The 3.5 is representative of Discraft's original flight rating system which maxed out at 3. These Flat Top Trackers earned their 3.5 rating!

Discraft's Cryztal Z plastic is an extremely translucent, super premium material that is extremely durable and comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors. Cryztal Z plastic is also a bit more flexible and grippy than regular Elite Z plastic and is only available as tournament fundraisers or special limited edition runs from Discraft.

Note: These discs feature the Sun King Discs "Rays of Light" hotstamp.

  • Disc/Hotstamp Colors
    Orange/Blue Foil, Orange/Blue Smoke Foil, Orange/Blue Stones Foil, Orange/Gold Leopard Foil, Orange/Macaw Foil, Orange/Pink Wood Grain Foil, Orange/Purple Leopard Foil, Orange/Sherbet Foil, Orange/Wonderbread Foil, Pink/Gold Leopard Foil, Pink/Purple Leopard Foil, Pink/Silver Stars Foil, Red/Blue Smoke Foil, Red/Gold Bubbles Foil, Red/Gold Leopard Foil, Red/Macaw Foil, Red/Pink Wood Grain Foil, Red/Purple Foil, Red/Sherbet Foil
  • Disc Weights
    175-176g, 173-174g