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Discraft Big Z Passion (Ledgestone 2022)
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Discraft Big Z Passion (Ledgestone 2022)

This 8 speed driver offers a neutral flight and plenty of glide to give arms of any speed great control.

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1-175-6g 3 $21.99 + -
2-175-6g 3 $21.99 + -
3-175-6g 3 $21.99 + -
4-175-6g 1 $21.99 + -
5-175-6g 1 $21.99 + -

The Passion is a neutral-to-understable fairway driver perfect for a precise and straight flight. Designed specifically for Paige Pierce, the Passion features a unique and pronounced outer rim with an almost Banger GT feel underneath. It is very similar to the old-school Discraft Cyclone. This run brings the classic opaque coloration of Big Z plastic with a pearly sheen to show off the stamp. For slower arm speeds, the Passion has a neutral flight. For stronger arms it is more understable, but when thrown at the right angle, this run goes dead straight and hits tight lines. Here is the flight chart for the Passion:


Flight Numbers: 8/5/-1/1    

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      0.49 lbs
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    1-175-6g, 2-175-6g, 3-175-6g, 4-175-6g, 5-175-6g