Axiom Proton Mayhem (Punk)
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Axiom Proton Mayhem (Punk)

Expert power throwers will find the Mayhem ready to stand up and boom or drift over from flat shots. Mayhem is best compared to a seasoned MVP Octane.

Disc/Rim/Hotstamp Colors Disc Weights Qty Price Buy
Bright Red/White/Purple Foil 175g 1 $15.99 + -
Bright Orange/Light Blue/Gold Foil 174g 1 $15.99 + -
Bright Green/White/Gold Foil 173g 1 $15.99 + -
Bright Yellow/Red/Gold Foil 173g 1 $15.99 + -
Purple Drink/Red/Purple Foil 173g 1 $15.99 + -
Purple Drink/Red/Red Foil 173g 1 $15.99 + -
Purple Drink/Red/Blurple Foil 172g 1 $15.99 + -
Pink Sparkle/Purple/Gold Foil 169g 1 $15.99 + -

The Mayhem is the debut model from Axiom's 23mm high speed distance driver class. With a responsive straight-stable profile and plenty of speed, Mayhem should be a workhorse driver for many advanced and expert GYROnauts. Like the MVP 23mm class, the Mayhem has a pronounced dome to promote distance-covering glide. Expert throwers will find the Mayhem ready to stand up and boom or drift over from flat, while average power throwers will be able to mash on it without fear of unmanageable turn. Mayhem is best compared to a seasoned MVP Octane.

Rip it up with the Proton Punk Mayhem! This Special Edition stamp by Axiom Art Director ZAM is a followup to the Punk Defy and captures the ultimate totem of anarchist mayhem and destruction - kids on wheels. This young punk is taking the turns hard but just like the Mayhem itself, rips through it with complete control and confidence, losing no momentum to fear or caution. The intricate 3-foil stamp is executed in black, silver, and a wide range of mohawk accent foils for many unique color combinations. The Proton Punk Mayhem is another way to fly your freak flag with Axiom Discs!

MVP/Axiom's Proton material features high durability for a long consistent life designed to withstand the roughest conditions. Proton is available in a wide variety of transparent candy colors. 

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  • Disc/Rim/Hotstamp Colors
    Blue Sparkle/Hot Pink/Blurple Foil, Ice Blue/Red/Gold Foil, Ice Blue/Red/Purple Foil, Ice Blue/White/Silver Surfer Foil, Pink Sparkle/Purple/Gold Foil, Pink Sparkle/Purple/Orange Foil, Pink Sparkle/Purple/Silver Surfer Foil, Purple Drink/Hot Pink/Blurple Foil, Purple Drink/Hot Pink/Silver Surfer Foil, Purple Drink/Purple/Gold Foil, Purple Drink/Red/Blurple Foil, Purple Drink/Red/Purple Foil, Purple Drink/Red/Red Foil, Bright Yellow/Red/Gold Foil, Bright Yellow/Light Blue/Gold Foil, Blue Sparkle/Hot Pink/Silver Surfer Foil, Bright Green/Light Blue/Silver Surfer Foil, Bright Green/Red/Silver Surfer Foil, Bright Green/White/Gold Foil, Bright Green Sparkle/Purple/Blue Foil, Bright Green Sparkle/Purple/Gold Foil, Bright Green Sparkle/Purple/Purple Foil, Bright Green Sparkle/Purple/Red Foil, Bright Orange/Light Blue/Gold Foil, Bright Orange/Light Blue/Silver Surfer Foil, Bright Red/White/Blue Foil, Bright Red/White/Purple Foil, Purple Drink/Red/Silver Surfer Foil
  • Disc Weights
    175g, 174g, 173g, 172g, 169g, 168g, 167g