Axiom Neutron Virus (Skulboy - Limited Edition)
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Axiom Neutron Virus (Skulboy - Limited Edition)

The Virus is Axiom's easiest to throw distance driver, with a glide and responsive understability that keeps it in the air.

Disc/Rim/Hotstamp Colors Disc Weights Qty Price Buy
Blue/Light Green Moss/Red Foil 174g 0 $17.99 Out of stock
Lavender/Light Blue/Gold Foil 174g 0 $17.99 Out of stock
Light Blue/Light Blue/Purple Foil 174g 0 $17.99 Out of stock
Red/Light Blue/Light Green Foil 174g 0 $17.99 Out of stock
White/Baby Blue/Blue Foil 174g 0 $17.99 Out of stock
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The defining characteristic of the Virus' flight is a steady turnover tendency with forward fade. This can be manipulated by more skilled throwers, or used for distance advantage by lower powered throwers.

Break out your hazmat suit and prepare for the apocalypse, the new Limited Edition Neutron Zombie Virus is here! This plagued fiend sifts through clouds of mystery on the new triple-foil stamp from Skulboy, who’s known for his infectious appeal. The Neutron Virus is an easy to throw understable fairway driver, great for straight and turnover shots at low to medium speeds. The premium Neutron Plastic provides a multitude of color combinations that bring depth to this limited edition stamp. The 1000-run Limited Edition Neutron Zombie Virus is ready to infect the collections of Axiom fans. 

The Neutron material is MVP/Axiom's flagship blend that offers a premium look and feel in a wide selection of bright opaque colors and shares the great durability characteristics of Proton plastic.

Flight Numbers: 9/5/-3.5/1

  • Disc/Rim/Hotstamp Colors
    Blue/Light Green Moss/Red Foil, Lavender/Light Blue/Blurple Fade Foil, Lavender/Light Blue/Gold Foil, Light Blue/Light Blue/Purple Foil, Orange Lava/Light Blue/Magenta-Red Fade Foil, Orange Lava/Light Green Moss/Light Green Foil, Purple/Orange/Blurple Fade Foil, Red/Light Blue/Light Green Foil, White/Baby Blue/Blue Foil, White/Baby Blue/Gold Foil, White/Baby Blue/Purple Foil, White/Light Green Moss/Gold Foil, White/Light Green Moss/Silver Surfer Blue Foil
  • Disc Weights
    174g, 173g, 170g, 166g