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Kastaplast K1 Rask
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Kastaplast K1 Rask

Rask is a fast and overstable pdga approved distance driver - a new take on aerodynamics!

Catalog Numbers/Weight (See Pics) Qty Price Buy
1 - 176g 1 $19.99 + -
2 - 174g 1 $19.99 + -
3 - 173g 0 $19.99 Out of stock
4 - 172g 0 $19.99 Out of stock
5 - 171g 0 $19.99 Out of stock

Rask is a concept disc is based on Kastaplast’s invention for drag reduction. It’s the most streamlined disc to date. A good powerful rip and it will have the job done in no time. Rask needs a lot of speed to fly, making it best suitable for power throwers and experienced players. It’s a headwind bomber.

Being less than 22 mm wide at the rim, Rask proves that a disc’s speed cannot be determined by looking at the width of the rim. Those who want the fastest disc available, without the widest rim – reach for Rask!

The K1 Line is Kastaplast's Super Durable Premium Line.

Flight Numbers: 14/3/0/4

Note 1: Kastaplast's K1 Line discs can be either Translucent or Opaque. Because of this they have been noted next to their color as to which they are. LET'S KASTAPLAST!

Note 2: Every Rask has a bottom ghost stamp designed to show through the top of the disc and so they are listed solely by disc color and disc weight.

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  • Catalog Numbers/Weight (See Pics)
    1 - 176g, 2 - 174g, 3 - 173g, 4 - 172g, 5 - 171g