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Kastaplast K1 Grym
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Kastaplast K1 Grym

Grym is a understable, big distance driver for the common player.

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Grym is Kastaplast's new disc for long smooth s-curves and tailwind bombs. A distance driver with a clean shape and a comfortable 2.2 cm rim. This disc is a big D driver for the common player.

Grym is Swedish for cruel or awesome – try it out for some grym lines! …or as one of our team players put it… “by the way, that Grym gooooeees…”.

The K1 Line is Kastaplast's Super Durable Premium Line.

Flight Numbers: 13/5/-1/2

Note: Kastaplast's K1 Line discs can be either Translucent or Opaque. Because of this they have been noted next to their color as to which they are. LET'S KASTAPLAST!

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