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Innova Pro Aviar Driver (Ricky Wysocki - 2019 Tour Series)
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Innova Pro Aviar Driver (Ricky Wysocki - 2019 Tour Series)

The Aviar Putt & Approach is one of the most popular discs of all time.

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The Aviar Driver is made from the "Big Bead" driver mold. This is the same mold used for the KC, JK & Yeti Aviar. The "Big Bead" is named due to the noticeable bead along the bottom of the rim of the disc that is responsible for creating a more overstable flight path.

When it isn't broke, don't fix it.... Just make it in cooler colors! Ricky's putter of choice has been the Aviar Driver (also known as the Big Bead Aviar) in the KC Pro plastic for as long as he's been throwing Innova. These unique Galactic Aviars are the classic Big Bead Aviar in the KC style Pro plastic, so they will feel very familiar to all those KC Aviar lovers.

Pro plastic is manufactured using a special blend of plastics designed to provide unique qualities for each model. These quality discs offer increased durability over the DX plastic and provide an enhanced grip when compared to the Champion plastic. Pro discs provide additional glide when compared to all other disc lines and are more affordable than Innova's premium Champion or Star Line discs.

The KC (Ken Climo) Pro Aviar is made from the Aviar Driver mold in a firm blend of Pro plastic for players who prefer a stiffer disc. This is the preferred model of professional players. Great for drives, approaches and putts. Endorsed by 12-time World Champion, Ken Climo.

Flight Numbers: 2/3/0/2

NOTE 1: A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Ricky and his touring efforts.

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