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Discmania Evolution Meta Instinct (Special Edition)
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Discmania Evolution Meta Instinct (Special Edition)

With a flight designed for disc golfers of all levels and a new plastic blend unlike anything from any other disc golf company, the Instinct is just the start of what the Evolution will bring.

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Discmania Evolution is a new, exciting, and revolutionary product line with the combination of industry-leading manufacturing technology and design. Innovation is at the heart of Discmania Evolution products. A relentless focus to be better helps the brand in creating the world's most innovative products for consumers across the globe.

Grab the most reliable fairway driver offered in the Evolution Line, the Meta Instinct. If you find yourself needing to reach for a disc that offers a tremendous amount of glide and sneaky distance on the fairways while consistently fading safely back to the fairway every time. As the game elevates and the elements escalate, you need an ally you can count on while retaining excellent glide and control. 

Discmania's new Neo plastic is completely unique to the Discmania Evolution line. Don’t think otherwise, this has not been previously released. We found the perfect balance between a stiff disc and a flexible disc. The end result is a great blend that can handle all weather conditions without sacrificing performance. The Neo plastic is like an extension of your arm. Grab the Neo Instinct with confidence and focus on your throw. This plastic will not fail you. The grip is second to none and can help you really lean into your throw. Getting a little extra snap at the end of your throw is very possible with this new plastic blend.

Flight Rating: 7/5/0/2

Note: The Meta Instinct was first released in the Discmania Mystery Box this summer.

Pro Tip: Meta plastic is the most overstable version of the standard Neo and Lux plastics that Discmania has offered so far.

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