Prodigy 400 Series X4
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Prodigy 400 Series X4

The Prodigy X4 is a slightly understable, low profile, high speed distance driver.

Disc/Hotstamp Colors Disc Weights Qty Price Buy
Lime Green/Gray Stamp/Red Stamp 174g 1 $14.99 + -
Light Gray/Black Stamp/Pink Foil 174g 1 $14.99 + -
Blue/Black Stamp/Silver Foil 173g 1 $14.99 + -
Lime Green/Black Stamp/Yellow Stamp 171g 1 $14.99 + -
Burgundy Red/Black Stamp/Oil Slick Foil 171g 3 $14.99 + -
Yellow/Black Stamp/White Stamp 171g 1 $14.99 + -
Yellow/Black Stamp/White Stamp 170g 0 $14.99 Out of stock
Red/Blue Foil/White Stamp 169g 1 $14.99 + -
Clear Ice/Blue Stamp/Hot Pink Stamp 169g 0 $14.99 Out of stock
Clear Ice/Blue Foil/Orange Stamp 169g 2 $14.99 + -
Blue/Blue Foil/Orange Stamp 169g 0 $14.99 Out of stock
Teal/Blue Foil/Silver Foil 167g 1 $14.99 + -
Baby Blue/Gray Stamp/Pink Stamp 165g 0 $14.99 Out of stock
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    0.5 lbs
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The Prodigy X4 is a slightly understable, low profile, high speed distance driver. It is great for players with lower arm speed that are looking to gain more distance. The X4 is designed to hold a turnover even at a lower speed. The X4 performs very well at low heights and in tunnel shots. For players with faster arm speed, the X4 will flip later in the flight path, and is perfect for long wooded shots or accurate turnovers.

The 400 Series is a premium blend of material that is extremely durable. The unique blend of plastics feels as good as it looks and will be able to be broken in over time. This tour quality plastic gives the thrower better grip even when it is wet.

  • Disc/Hotstamp Colors
    Baby Blue/Gray Stamp/Pink Stamp, Teal/Blue Foil/Silver Foil, Red/Blue Foil/White Stamp, Lime Green/Gray Stamp/Red Stamp, Lime Green/Black Stamp/Yellow Stamp, Light Gray/Black Stamp/Pink Foil, Clear Ice/Blue Stamp/Hot Pink Stamp, Clear Ice/Blue Foil/Orange Stamp, Burgundy Red/Black Stamp/Oil Slick Foil, Blue/Blue Foil/Orange Stamp, Blue/Black Stamp/Silver Foil, Yellow/Black Stamp/White Stamp
  • Disc Weights
    174g, 173g, 171g, 170g, 169g, 167g, 165g