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MVP Plasma Wave

The Wave is a high speed driver that is versatile and can perform a number of stable-understable roles.

Disc Colors Disc Weights Qty Price Buy
Blurple Color Shift 174g 1 $16.99  
Mint Green Metal 174g 1 $16.99  
Ocean Blue 174g 1 $16.99  
Copper Penny 173g 1 $16.99  
Ocean Blue 168g 2 $16.99  
Red-Magenta Colorshift 166g 1 $16.99  
Red-Magenta Colorshift 165g 1 $16.99  
Blurple Color Shift 156g 1 $16.99  
Ocean Blue 155g 1 $16.99  
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    0.5 lbs
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Pre-Order Now! Shipping on or about 1/27/17! The defining characteristic of the Wave is its balance of turn and fade. Its shallow turn is capable of extending lines while its fade is subtle but reliable enough to range and place shots. High powered throwers will see turn and hyzerflip tendencies from the Wave, while average power throwers may need a headwind assistance or anhyzer release to activate the turning capabilities of the Wave. Beginners will find a useable, yet quite overstable flight in the Wave, due to the high power requirements of wide-rimmed distance drivers. The Wave is versatile and can perform a number of stable-understable roles.

Players have raved about the added glide of the mildly domed Plasma material, as well as its excellent grip, flex, and visual appeal. Plasma is slightly softer and more flexible than Neutron plastic combined with a metallic appearance. 

Note: This item is a Pre-Order product and orders will not begin shipping until 1/27/17. Orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis based on product availability. Please include specific color/weight exclusions or inclusions in the order notes during checkout. We will contact you if we do not have discs in your ordered weight range or if what we received from the manufacturer is dramtaically different than what you ordered. If you place a Pre-Order, it means that we assume you have read and understand all of these parameters. Sun King strives to provide the best customer service when filling Pre-Orders, but, in the end, we are limited by what the manufacturer actually ships us. Thanks for your patience in advance.

  • Disc Colors
    Blurple Color Shift, Copper Penny, Mint Green Metal, Ocean Blue, Red-Magenta Colorshift
  • Disc Weights
    174g, 173g, 168g, 166g, 165g, 156g, 155g