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Discraft Swirly Rubber Blend Challenger (Nate Doss - GMC)

The Challenger™ is an amazing overstable putter, and very popular with advanced players.

Disc/Hotstamp Colors Disc Weights Qty Price Buy
Blue Swirl/Blue Stones Foil 173-174g 1 $14.99  
Blue Swirl/Gold Foil 173-174g 2 $14.99  
Blue Swirl/Green Turtle Shell Foil 173-174g 2 $14.99  
Blue Swirl/Pink Matte 173-174g 1 $14.99  
Blue Swirl/Purple Lazer Lines Foil 173-174g 1 $14.99  
Blue Swirl/Purple Turtle Shell Foil 173-174g 0 $14.99  
Blue Swirl/Red Smoke Foil 173-174g 1 $14.99  
Red Swirl/Blood Splatter Foil 173-174g 0 $14.99  
Red Swirl/Copper Honeycomb Foil 173-174g 1 $14.99  
Red Swirl/Gas Spill Foil 173-174g 0 $14.99  
Red Swirl/Gold Stars Foil 173-174g 1 $14.99  
Red Swirl/Red Stars Foil 173-174g 1 $14.99  
Blue Swirl/Blue Foil 170-172g 2 $14.99  
Blue Swirl/Gold Stars Foil 170-172g 0 $14.99  
Blue Swirl/Magenta Holo Foil 170-172g 1 $14.99  
Blue Swirl/Rainbow Lazer Lines Foil 170-172g 1 $14.99  
Blue Swirl/Silver Foil 170-172g 3 $14.99  
Blue Swirl/Silver Stars Foil 170-172g 1 $14.99  
Red Swirl/Blue Stones Foil 170-172g 1 $14.99  
Red Swirl/Transitional Foil 170-172g 1 $14.99  
  • Weight
    0.5 lbs
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The Challenger™ is an amazing overstable putter, and very popular with advanced players. It can get around trouble for those long hyzer putts and is overstable enough to take a good amount of snap on approaches. Whether you're putting or throwing hard, the Challenger won't flip over in moderate winds.

The Rubber Blend Challengers have popped up in various forms/colors over the course of 2016. The Rubber Blend refers to the micro beads of rubber that do not melt during the manufacturing process and leave the discs with a noticeable textured surface. Combined with the buttery soft base material, these Challengers are what sweet dreams are made of!

These Swirly Rubber Blend Challengers are part of a special release of the Nate Doss series and will be released at the Green Mountain Championships in Vermont. These limited edition discs (500 produced) feature both a Nate Doss and Green Mountain Championship hotstamp.

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  • Disc/Hotstamp Colors
    Blue Swirl/Blue Foil, Blue Swirl/Blue Stones Foil, Blue Swirl/Gold Foil, Blue Swirl/Gold Stars Foil, Blue Swirl/Green Turtle Shell Foil, Blue Swirl/Magenta Holo Foil, Blue Swirl/Pink Matte, Blue Swirl/Purple Lazer Lines Foil, Blue Swirl/Purple Turtle Shell Foil, Blue Swirl/Rainbow Lazer Lines Foil, Blue Swirl/Red Smoke Foil, Blue Swirl/Silver Foil, Blue Swirl/Silver Stars Foil, Red Swirl/Blood Splatter Foil, Red Swirl/Blue Stones Foil, Red Swirl/Copper Honeycomb Foil, Red Swirl/Gas Spill Foil, Red Swirl/Gold Stars Foil, Red Swirl/Red Stars Foil, Red Swirl/Transitional Foil
  • Disc Weights
    173-174g, 170-172g