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Discraft Cryztal Z Buzzz (Shamrock)

The Buzzz™ is Discraft's most popular disc and is one of the best "all around" golf discs you can buy.

Hotstamp Colors Qty Price Buy
Black Stamp (Common) 0 $19.99  
Blue Shatter Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Bronze Stones Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Fireworks Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Gold Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Gold Prism Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Green Stamp (Common) 0 $19.99  
Green Sparkle Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Multi Color transitional (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Orange Stamp (Common) 0 $19.99  
Purple Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Rainbow Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Rainbow Shatter Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Red Shatter Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Red, White & Blue Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Silver Bubbles Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Silver Holo Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Silver Prism Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Stars & Stripes Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
White Stamp (Common) 0 $19.99  
Wonderbread Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
Zebra Stripes Foil (Rare) 0 $24.99  
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STRICT LIMIT OF 2 PER PERSON! ORDERS OF 2+ DISCS WILL BE CANCELLED! The Buzzz™ is Discraft's most popular disc and is one of the best "all around" golf discs you can buy. It's an ultra dependable, straight flying midrange that you'll reach for again and again. Throw it hard and the versatile Buzzz™ will hold any line you put it on.

Discraft's Cryztal Z plastic is an extremely translucent, super premium material that is extremely durable and comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors. Cryztal Z plastic is also a bit more flexible and grippy than regular Elite Z plastic and is only available as tournament fundraisers or special limited edition runs from Discraft.

This Limited Edition production of (200) discs was used as a fundraiser for Throw Down the Mountain 4 and was also the featured disc in the TDTM5 "thank you" packages for the (72) Hole Sponsors. The "thank you" packages contain all Common hotstamp colors. 

There were a total of 22 different hot stamp colors and all discs are various colors of green. Here is a break down of quanities by hot stamp color:

Common Stamps:

Black Matte Stamp - 30 

Orange Matte Stamp - 30

Green Matte Stamp - 20

White Matte Stamp - 20

Rare Foils:

Blue Shatter Foil - 5

Bronze Stones Foil - 5

Fireworks Foil- 5

Gold Foil - 5

Gold Prism Foil - 5

Green Sparkle Foil - 5

Multi Color Transitional - 5

Purple Foil - 5

Rainbow Foil - 5

Rainbow Shatter Foil - 5

Red Shatter Foil - 5

Red, White & Blue Foil - 5

Silver Holo Foil - 5

Silver Bubbles - 5

Silver Prism Foil - 5

Stars & Stripes Foil - 5

Wonderbread Foil - 5

Zebra Stripes Foil - 5

  • Hotstamp Colors
    Black Stamp (Common), Blue Shatter Foil (Rare), Bronze Stones Foil (Rare), Fireworks Foil (Rare), Gold Foil (Rare), Gold Prism Foil (Rare), Green Stamp (Common), Green Sparkle Foil (Rare), Multi Color transitional (Rare), Orange Stamp (Common), Purple Foil (Rare), Rainbow Foil (Rare), Rainbow Shatter Foil (Rare), Red Shatter Foil (Rare), Red, White & Blue Foil (Rare), Silver Bubbles Foil (Rare), Silver Holo Foil (Rare), Silver Prism Foil (Rare), Stars & Stripes Foil (Rare), White Stamp (Common), Wonderbread Foil (Rare), Zebra Stripes Foil (Rare)