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Discraft Cryztal Z Buzzz Mini (Discraft Logo)

The Buzzz Mini is a scale replica of the original, super popular Discraft mid-range disc.

Mini Colors/Hotstamp Colors Qty Price Buy
Clear Ice/Black Stamp 0 $11.99  
Clear Ice/Blue Foil 0 $11.99  
Clear Ice/Gold Bubbles Foil 0 $11.99  
Clear Ice/Gold Stars Foil 0 $11.99  
Clear Ice/Green Foil 0 $11.99  
Clear Ice/Green Sparkle Foil 0 $11.99  
Clear Ice/Magenta Foil 0 $11.99  
Clear Ice/Red Foil 0 $11.99  
Clear Ice/Silver Bubbles Foil 0 $11.99  
Orange/Black Stamp 0 $11.99  
Orange/Blue Foil 0 $11.99  
Orange/Gold Foil 0 $11.99  
Orange/Gold Bubbles Foil 0 $11.99  
Orange/Green Foil 0 $11.99  
Orange/Green Sparkle Foil 0 $11.99  
Orange/Leopard Foil 0 $11.99  
Orange/Purple Foil 0 $11.99  
Orange/Red Foil 0 $11.99  
Orange/Silver Bubbles Foil 0 $11.99  
Orange/Zebra Foil 0 $11.99  
Smoke/Blue Foil 0 $11.99  
Smoke/Green Foil 0 $11.99  
Smoke/Green Sparkle Foil 0 $11.99  
Smoke/Silver Bubbles Foil 0 $11.99  
Smoke/Silver Shatter Foil 0 $11.99  
Yellow/Blue Foil 0 $11.99  
Yellow/Copper Foil 0 $11.99  
Yellow/Gold Bubbles Foil 0 $11.99  
Yellow/Gold Stars Foil 0 $11.99  
Yellow/Green Foil 0 $11.99  
Yellow/Green Sparkle Foil 0 $11.99  
Yellow/Magenta Foil 0 $11.99  
Yellow/Purple Foil 0 $11.99  
Yellow/Red Foil 0 $11.99  
Yellow/Red Sparkle Foil 0 $11.99  
Yellow/Silver Stars Foil 0 $11.99  
Yellow/Zebra Foil 0 $11.99  
  • Weight
    0.25 lbs
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The Buzzz Mini is a scale replica of the original, super popular Discraft mid-range disc. Coming in at the maximum legal PDGA diameter of 15cm and weighing between 60-65g, the Buzzz Mini is eligible as a mini marker and flies great too!

Discraft's Cryztal Z plastic is an extremely translucent, super premium material that is extremely durable and comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors. Cryztal Z plastic is also a bit more flexible and grippy than regular Elite Z plastic and is only available as tournament fundraisers or special limited edition runs from Discraft.

These Buzzz Mini feature "Buzzz" tooling in the mold.

Note: These discs feature the Discraft "barstamp" logo. Only 108 produced.


  • Mini Colors/Hotstamp Colors
    Clear Ice/Black Stamp, Clear Ice/Blue Foil, Clear Ice/Gold Bubbles Foil, Clear Ice/Gold Stars Foil, Clear Ice/Green Foil, Clear Ice/Green Sparkle Foil, Clear Ice/Magenta Foil, Clear Ice/Red Foil, Clear Ice/Silver Bubbles Foil, Orange/Black Stamp, Orange/Blue Foil, Orange/Gold Foil, Orange/Gold Bubbles Foil, Orange/Green Foil, Orange/Green Sparkle Foil, Orange/Leopard Foil, Orange/Purple Foil, Orange/Red Foil, Orange/Silver Bubbles Foil, Orange/Zebra Foil, Smoke/Blue Foil, Smoke/Green Foil, Smoke/Green Sparkle Foil, Smoke/Silver Bubbles Foil, Smoke/Silver Shatter Foil, Yellow/Blue Foil, Yellow/Copper Foil, Yellow/Gold Bubbles Foil, Yellow/Gold Stars Foil, Yellow/Green Foil, Yellow/Green Sparkle Foil, Yellow/Magenta Foil, Yellow/Purple Foil, Yellow/Red Foil, Yellow/Red Sparkle Foil, Yellow/Silver Stars Foil, Yellow/Zebra Foil