Axiom Proton Theory (Watermelon)
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Axiom Proton Theory (Watermelon)

The Theory is an understable complement to the Alias.

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The Theory is an understable complement to the Alias. A flat release with moderate power will allow a gradual and predictable turn with great drift. Low power throwers can achieve very straight, neutral lines. Power throwers can also use this for consistent hyzer-flips with an extended glide.  In Plasma plastic the Theory has a little bit more shoulder and dome than Neutron plastic, yielding a nice boost to its glide.

MVP's Proton material features high durability for a long consistent life designed to withstand the roughest conditions. Proton is available in a wide variety of transparent candy colors. 

Note: The "Watermelon" discs are limited edition releases that MVP fans love to collect. These discs were originally used as tournament fundraisers for the 2016 MVP Circuit Events.

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